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A 'Pixel' makes a lot of differences to us.
You call it 'Look & Feel'.

Our focus is on aestheics and end user's convenience.

The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple.
Freeman Dyson

We see an opportunity in our Mobile Computing Services.

I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Thomas Edison

Our Success Stories are built on Experience.

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Auspi Calendar

The Auspi Calendar is a Place and Purpose specific, innovative application which allows one to manage ones events not only systematically but also with better results. The Calendar also addresses the style aspects of the individual.

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Auspi Calendar
“We have teamed up with Dilys and now they helps us in lot of our verticals. We have the best company Dilys besides us!”
Accord Automations Pvt. Ltd

Our Values

Innovation and continuous improvement

Setting high standards for deliverables

Respect for individuals

Telephone Shoppees is an E-Commerce portal operated by a retail store chain in Pune. It is an independent online site currently dealing with mobiles and accessories. Provided consultancy on infrastructure to meet Performance and Security requirements as well as identifying differentiators from competition.

Telephone Shoppees
“Appreciate the way we were kept informed at each and every step. Entire process flow was explained and followed as per planned.
Looking forward to working again with Dilys!”
Blossom Moments Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission

With unflinching belief in our values, we have set ourselves on a mission to:

  • Follow technology passionately
  • Seek for new ideas in our daily work
  • Apply best practices and continuously improve
  • Execute and deliver correct first time
  • Appreciate end user's convenience
  • Bring perfection, detailing and aesthetics in our work
  • Acknowledge individual differences
  • Have secured and healthy working space
  • Enhance individual skills and competencies

Synergy Green

Crafted website for a state of art world class foundry Installed with India's largest automated fast loop moulding line for large casting. Planned to present business potential and expertise in a structered way. Integrated Career module for displaying job offers and accepting applications.

Synergy Green
“Designing and implementation is the USP of your work. Understanding of financial market for digital marketing is also up to the mark!”
Eminence Financial Services Ltd

Our Vision

“Nurture an organization
capable of consistently designing and developing
excellent products and services”

Business Areas

Product Development

Mobile Applications Web Applications Websites


Technology Project Management Business Processes

Systems Integration

Cloud Services Computing Devices Network Media

'Technology For Business' Projects

Mobile retail chain in Pune

  • Improve customer base and improve sales – E Commerce application
  • Improve business communication – Business Emails on Office 365

Sports Academy in Pune

  • Cost effective Email Services
  • Improve productivity and administration processes – Web based Academy Management System (hosted on Microsoft Azure)
  • Improve business marketing – Company website (Hosted on Microsoft Azure)

Industrial Automation Company in Delhi

  • Improve customer management – Cloud based CRM implementation
  • Improve business identity – Company Branding and Documentation services
  • Improve business marketing – Company website

Professional Services (Architect Firm) company in Pune

  • Improve business communication – Business Emails on Office 365
  • Technology Deployment – Technology Consultancy Services
  • Improve business marketing – Website consolidation


We are a group of skilled individuals.

Rahul Sontake

Rahul Sontake


Ravindra Gurung

Ravindra Gurung

Lead Software Developer

Shubham Dhamande

Shubham Dhamande

Lead Front End

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Lead QA

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